Mosaic Cuisine & Café on WETA TV
Fall 2010


Washington Post Review
September 10, 2010

At a glance: Behind a modest storefront in a Rockville Pike strip mall lies an unexpected treasure: an 85-seat temple to the waffle. The comfortable suburban dining room gets its heaviest traffic for brunch, when crowds gather for perfectly made waffles topped with fruit, sugar, chocolate and even smoked salmon. But even lunch, dinner and dessert embrace the waffle in some form, with waffle sandwiches and a selection of waffled confections. read more

Press Release
Rockville, Maryland, May 13, 2010

WETA TV Producer Simon Epstein and a television crew, will be filming and interviewing Chef Thierry Jugnet and all employees of Mosaic Cuisine and Cafe. The subject is breakfast and healthy foods in Washington DC. The main focus will be on our sweet and savory waffles, How we prepare them and why they are so addictive. We will also speak about our other breakfast dishes. Mr. Epstein will be interviewing patrons during the late breakfast brunch hour. Please join us for brunch next Thursday, Mr. Epstein would love to speak with you. The show will air on WETA sometimes in July.

Waffles, waffles, everywhere
April 18, 2010 mom and I had brunch at Mosaic Cuisine Cafe, one of our favorite local restaurants. If you live in DC’s Maryland suburbs, brunch at this Rockville eatery is a must.

Belgian waffles feature heavily on the menu — order a salad, sandwich or soup and you’ll get a waffle on the side. You can also, of course, just order a sweet or savory waffle. I haven’t had a true Belgian waffle with all the fixings since the amazing ice cream and fruit-topped waffles we used to get in Korea so I’m definitely going to need to visit Mosaic again soon just to get one of those. read more

Mosaic Cuisine and Café: Waffles, waffles everywhere
March 21, 2010

The idea behind the menu Mosaic Cuisine & Cafe is simple: Use waffles in all dishes in place of regular bread. So at Mosaic your sandwich can come on savory waffle bread. Your egg dishes will come with a side of waffle, you soup will come accompanied with a waffle, and for dessert of course, indulge in some sweet waffle concoctions. read more


Waffle House - the Mosaic
May 2005

It's a weekend morning, and you are thinking about brunch, maybe even breakfast, possibly lunch.

Where to go? Think no further. Drive straight to Rockville 's Mosaic Cuisine & Cafe, because despite its puzzling name, Mosaic has a definite theme: waffles. read more

Dirt Cheap Eats
February 2005

Mosaic gets creative with waffles, the highlight of its long breakfast menu. The sweet waffle with strawberries ($5.95) is served with a caramel cream sauce and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Egg lovers can mix the two: A waffle stuffed with scrambled eggs and maple-cured bacon is $6.75.

Heavier choices include the waffle ham croque ($6.75), filled with ham and a Swiss-cheese sauce. Anti-carb folks can order eggs Benedict topped with grilled chicken sausage ar sauteed spinach $8.25). Three-egg omelets ($6.75) come with three fillings, including corned beef and salami, plus roasted potato hash and a half waffle. Instead of coffee, try a hot minted swiss chocolate ($2.15) or a mimosa ($4.95).

Dinner with Your Waffles?
June 2004

Mosaic Cuisine & Café, the Rockville restaurant that elevated waffles to an art form, has added dinner entrées ($9 to $14.95) to its daytime menu of sandwiches, soups, and salads ($1.10 to $7.95). Seared rainbow trout with fennel, Parmesan-crusted pork medallions, and chicken Basquaise are among the additions. read more

Second Glances: Mosaic Cuisine & Cafe
April 22, 2004

Nearing its first anniversary, Mosaic Cuisine & Café sports a shorter name and a longer menu. Eclectic is no longer in the moniker, but owner chef Thierry Jugnet has more opportunity to showcase his talents now that his contemporary cafe serves dinner. read more

Mosaic Redefines the Square Meal
March 11, 2004

Does that turkey sandwich on whole wheat seem too bland? Maybe even pumpernickel has gotten a little prosaic. Mosaic Cuisine and Cafe in Rockville may have the answer: waffle sandwiches. read more

As this ever-evolving Rockville entry's name suggests, its menu draws from a variety of cuisines, in addition to employing waffles (with cross-hatched mosaic patterns) as a base for many of its breakfast and lunch items, including a croque monsieur version; imaginative sandwiches and vegetable dishes are also specialties, other reasons why it's earning support from locals who are looking forward to more surprises when it opens for dinner in the fall.

From BVapne2 on Thursday March 18, 2004 at 09:56 PM:
Check out Mosaic Cuisine on Halpine Rd in Rockville,Md. Great breakfast and lunch - unique waffle sandwiches, tasty salads and omelets, etc. Now also open for dinner. read more

Comfort food rates in Rockville and Silver Spring
July 31, 2003

It is called Mosaic because it represents a variety of cuisines, says Thierry Jugnet of the 3-month-old café in Congressional South. Now serving breakfast and lunch only, it has already attracted a regular following. read more

Mosaic earns top rating at Mr.

Mr Breakfast is committed to: 1) assisting breakfast lovers find the best possible breakfast, and 2) making breakfast lovers out of those who are not. The site features an interactive database of recipes and restaurant reviews.

Here are just a few of a rave reviews Mosaic has received from its customers:

Fast friendly service, everything was really fresh - especially the orange juice and some non-traditional menu items. A new favorite spot!

Excellent and interesting service staff; clean booths, tables, chairs, and floors!; captivating menu that makes choosing a bit difficult. The food is very very very good and improving all the time. Our family has eaten at Mosaic for more than a year now, and we find the experience better with each visit. We're more lunch patrons than we are part of the breakfast crowd, but have eaten the waffles which are light, tasty, and have personality. Management is available, friendly, and truly interested in feedback from diners; the food photography generates thought and conversation. Mosaic is a refreshing oasis in the middle of the fast-food desert of Rockville Pike.

My favorites lean me toward any sandwich with a WAFFLE around it. The flavors are so uniquely wonderful, and there are many choices of savory fillings. It's a must try, breakfast time or lunch. Now that they are open for dinner, I can't wait to try their expanded menu. Big-guy thumbs up!

Mosaic reaps high praise on the Restaurants & Dining message board

From the moderator of this message board:

We used to live in Rockville but don't get over there as much anymore. So a week ago I passed by the site of the former Woodmont Deli off of Rockville Pike and noted that the name had changed to Mosaic Cuisine and Cafe. The information stuck and when we found ourselves in Rockville again last evening early, we decided to try it.

The drop in visit revealed a true gem with an extraordinary menu... The food is TERRIFIC!!!!! And at a price point where he's keeping lunch around $10 and dinners around $15 for entrees... an absolute bargain.

Eating Out Early and on the Cheap

April 9, 2009

The early bird apparently not only gets the worm, but also saves money.

Last weekend, one of our colleagues went out for brunch at Mosaic Cuisine & Cafe in Rockville and noticed several large parties. Being a journalist, she eavesdropped (just a little!) and overheard one diner's frugal-minded comment: "This was a great idea. It is so much cheaper getting together for breakfast than dinner."

So we called Mosaic chef and owner Thierry Jugnet to find out more.

He said that business on Friday and Saturday nights has been extremely volatile since the economy nosedived in the fall. One weekend the restaurant may get slammed with more than 120 dinners; the next, it may do half that. “No explanations," Thierry told me. "It's very difficult to understand exactly why.”

Brunch, however, has remained strong. He's tried to make the occasion feel more festive for guests by creating custom cakes for their morning events -- a pink or blue one for a baby shower, for example. The average price per person for brunch is $12 to $14, he said. Dinner runs between $18 to $20. (For a list of brunches in the Washington area, check out our Going Out Guide.)

This got me thinking about other ways to spend less when dining out. Lazy Man and Money suggests turning one meal into two. Sense to Save advises skipping the entree and just ordering appetizers and dessert. And CafeMom says restaurants are trying to save you money by offering smaller portions that are also less expensive.

Of course, the truly frugal option is to just invite your friends over and fry up a few eggs! Actually, the truly frugal option would be to go over to someone else's house and eat their eggs for free. But don't tell them we said that!

What are your secrets for saving money when eating out?